New and Replacement
Sash Windows
from Koncept

  • Looking to replace original timber sash windows?
  • Want to reinstate sash windows from existing casement frames?
  • Like to add a touch of heritage to a new build?

uPVC sash windows offer the classic look many period homeowners want, without the high costs, long lead times and ongoing maintenance of restoring or replacing timber sash windows.

Why replace timber
sash windows with uPVC?

Many original timber sash windows are no longer fit for purpose. Over time, timber windows tend to warp and stick, making them tricky to open. They are single glazed, so they leak heat out through both the glass and the gaps in the sash mechanism. They require a lot of upkeep, are tricky to paint, and require regular maintenance on the cords and weights that make the window run well (or not!). Retro-fitted window locks can look ugly and are often ineffective.

uPVS sash windows are virtually indistinguishable from timber originals, but are virtually maintenance free and much more energy efficient. Woodgrain effect and authentic carpentry styled joints make it look and feel like wood. Authentic optional touches such as run-through sash horns (the curly bits under the top sash) plus various glass lines ensure a true heritage styling. Just add period window furniture such as catches and handles, and the look is complete.

Spot the difference

uPVC sash windows are now so well designed and engineered that they are virtually indistinguishable from your timber originals. That’s why they are acceptable as replacements in many conservation areas, maintaining the external aesthetic with wood grain finishes, authentic timber-style joints and all the details you would expect to find on handmade timber sash frames.

Need some advice
about replacing
your sash windows?

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Replacement sash windows
for your home

Your property is so much more than just a house, it’s your home and normally your largest single asset. So when you want to capture the look of a traditional vertical sliding sash window, our PVC-U windows are the perfect solution.

Manufactured to maintain the elegant proportions of traditional sash windows, whilst incorporating the very best of modern day technology, enables you to enjoy the low maintenance and high security of PVC-U without the problems associated with timber sash windows. Your new windows are guaranteed for 10 years as they are manufactured from the highest quality materials under the strictest quality controls.

Our windows feature tilting upper and lower sashes for ease of cleaning, low line beads and gaskets for improved sight lines, energy efficient glass to reduce your heating bills, and above all they are quality assured for your peace of mind.

From a terraced house to a stately home,  our vertical sliding sash windows ensure that your property retains its character and charm.  You can choose from a wide range of styles, colours and hardware options to complement your home perfectly.

Many buildings have been disfigured by inappropriate window replacements that  have ruined the character of the property.  Our windows enable you to install new windows that blend into their surroundings  – city or countryside, commercial or residential. Our heritage vertical sliding sash windows are perfect for conservation or traditional projects, a classic look with modern advantages.

Sculptured Georgian bars, sash horns, two sliding sashes and a choice of hardware, together with a selection of beautiful finishes, all add to the traditional feel of these beautiful windows.

Need new windows
but not sure what type?

Our uPVC windows carry a long-life guarantee including 10 years on frames, locks, hinges, handles, gaskets and seals.  Our double or triple glazed sealed units are guaranteed for 5 years.

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