Rooflights and Roof
Lanterns by Koncept

Let the sunlight into your home all year round with a rooflight from Koncept. Our range includes the most efficient and elegant double glazed roof lights for pitched roofs, flat roofs and new build extensions.

Lantern rooflights

The best roof lanterns are lovely to look at as well as allowing light to flood into your extension or room. Our aluminium roof lanterns are slimline and strong, with no wooden or plastic elements to rot or discolour. Available in a four panel configuration for smaller roofs, or with more panes for larger lanterns, our roof lanterns are thermally efficient too, adding a feature that will illuminate and enhance your home for years to come.

Flat glass rooflights

For flat or pitched roofs (up to 25 degree pitch), we can’t speak highly enough of our all-aluminium contemporary roof light. It’s about as uncomplicated as a rooflight can get; a sleek, uninterrupted glass panel. Of course, there’s a bit more to it than that, with fully thermally broken aluminium framework, and highly efficient glazing. Let the light stream in and the stars gleam into your room all year round, with no draughts, no drips and minimal maintenance required.

Want more light
in your life?

For more details of our range of rooflights and roof lanterns, just give us a call, or send us a rough sketch of your available roofspace, with dimensions. We’ll send you a fully costed quote to help you choose the best way to light your room from above.

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