Meet the Team

We’re a small team, headed up by industry expert Chris Hibbert, the founder of Koncept.  Chris is backed up by experienced staff who share his ethos surrounding sales, service and quality.

Koncept are a refreshing change to your average window or double glazing company. We don’t come to your house and deliver a relentless sales pitch, trying to make a sale regardless of suitability. It’s just not acceptable, and it’s not how we do business.

Tell us what you

Instead we take a different approach. Call us, send us an email or upload drawings with some approximate dimensions, and a brief summary of what you require. We will come back to you with a fully-itemised quotation that offers the most cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality or energy-efficiency.

No sales team

Our approach means we don’t need to employ field salespeople, or pay ridiculous sales commissions. Yes, we do have a showroom, but it’s there so we can show you the products, so it’s not an expensive High Street location, Instead, it’s a relaxed space where customers can see, feel, slide, open, shut and generally manhandle all our products without us breathing down their necks all the time.

Tweaking your designs

At Koncept, we’re led by a self-confessed windows and doors geek! His technical knowledge is extensive, and as a result, he’s saved customers significant amounts of money by tweaking a design here and there to come to a far more cost-effective solution. For example, by reducing the size of a bifold door aperture on some planning/building regs drawings, fewer panels would need to be used, saving the customer money.

Exceptional customer

Yes, we know every company claims to offer this, but we genuinely walk the talk. We’ve seen first-hand how customer service can nose-dive once the sales team hand over to the supply or installation teams. Instead we decided to provide an honest, reliable service for the right price, simple at that. So, when you become a Koncept customer, we want you to stay a Koncept customer, and we know that will only happen if we get everything right – product, price and aftersales service.

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