Superb timber

The Masterdor Craftsman is a door that speaks of precision engineering, quality construction and stunning good looks. With 27 door styles to choose from and with 21 beautiful lifestyle colours available, Masterdor Craftsman is a truly outstanding door.

Your home deserves the very best and Masterdor can provide that very thing. Masterdor have been building beautiful doorsets since the 1990’s. Named after the beautiful woodlands of Britain, the Craftsman is our premium timber door and is exceptional in every way.

Superb quality
timber doors

  • Precision engineered to last – A combination of a Kerto Q core, Sapele mahogany lipping and Tricoya facings provide a stable,  hard-wearing, water resistant door.
  • Two door slab choices – 44mm and 54mm Whatever your requirement or application, we offer both 44mm and 54mm door thicknesses with double and triple rebates.
  • Thermal core option – For the best in energy efficiency opt for a thermal door with a Polyurethane insulating foam core.
  • A complete hardware choice – Four individual ranges to choose from that include: handles, knockers, letterboxes and centre door pulls.
  • Beautiful glazing options – Over 30 elegant glazing styles are available for many of the Craftsman door styles.
  • Low-E glass panels – Wherever possible we supply an energy efficient glass specification as standard.
  • Double and French Doors – Masterdor Craftsman doors are available as stunning double doors or glazed French doors – call us for a bespoke quotation.
  • Safe and secure – The unique construction of a Craftsman door provides an incredibly strong defence for your home.
  • 21 stunning colours – From fiery reds to cool blues and all the shades in between, our colour range is first class.
  • Frame, sill and threshold options – A wide range of options to complete your door specification including Part M low threshold.
  • Document L Compliance – Meets UK Building Regulations for replacement door applications.

Patio, folding
and sliding doors

We offer a range of smart doors that enable you to merge the boundaries of outside and inside. The combination of timber construction, smooth efficient mechanisms and superb levels of insulation ensure the light floods in and your heating stays inside!

Lift &
slide doors

Two panels that slide one in front of the other, where space either side of the door is limited, and outward or inward opening is not an option. Easy to slide open, with rails on the inside so they won’t be affected by snow, ice or rain.  These doors can be dropped on to the bottom track and locked in any position, adding great flexibility to how you use your space.

Folding doors

Love the idea of an extension with a wall of glass but want to preserve the look of a timber frame? This folding door fold back neatly for a completely clear opening, or a single panel for just popping in and out to the garden or patio. Available with efficient double-glazing, or year round energy efficient triple-gazing, this timber bi-fold door is idea for any eco-build or passivhaus project.

Passivhaus and
eco-build projects

Our timber window and door range is the natural choice for any passivhaus project, which is founded on energy conservation. The aim of passivhaus is to replace a conventional central heating system with ”a combination of waste heat from appliances, heat recovery from ventilation as well as body heat from people. Ancillary heating can be provided through actively pre-heating incoming ventilation.” (1)

The passivhaus standard requires:

  • Space heating: less than 15 kWh/m2/yr
  • Total primary energy use (heating, hot water and electricity): no more than 120 kWh/m2/yr
  • Air leakage: no more than 0.75 m3/m2hr @ 50 Pa (0.6 air changes per hour)

By installing our timber windows and doors, you can achieve the requirements for air leakage and heat retention, and benefit from the low U-value of triple glazing for heat retention and passive solar gain. Add the bonus of a sustainable natural building material (timber), water-based adhesives and non-toxic and environmentally friendly finishes, and you can achieve an eco-build of the highest quality, style and functionality.

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