Glass Sliding Doors
by Koncept

Glass sliding doors are an ideal way to fill your home with natural light, and have easy access to your outside space with minimal effort. Unlike folding doors, sliding doors can simply be pushed back, one behind the other, for the best of two worlds: a window and an opening to your patio, decking or balcony.

Sliding doors allow each glass pane to be made much larger than the alternatives, resulting in far less frame and much more substantial visible glass, meaning a more uninterrupted view out to your garden.

sliding doors

We admit, in the past, double-glazed exterior sliding doors (often known as patio doors) didn’t have the best reputation. Often sold as add-ons to whole house double-glazing deals, these older styles were difficult to open, often stuck, had limited thermal efficiency and were insecure thanks to inadequate locks.

Our modern sliding glass doors are a world apart. Engineered to move with the touch of a finger (not a shoulder-wrenching pull), our sliding external doors allow large sections of energy-efficient glass to slide effortlessly every time.

Aluminium sliding
doors - let the light in

With minimal frames and wide expanses of toughened and thermally-responsive glass, sliding doors maximise natural light and create an almost seamless transition between inside and outside. For more information, see our Aluminium Sliding Doors page.

uPVC patio doors

After opening more patio doors than we care to mention, we chose only one good enough to supply ourselves – the Evolve patio door.With a range of configurations from two to four panes, and a stainless steel track system, the Evolve range offers durable, smooth-running patio doors at a competitive price point.

Every part of this patio doors set has been engineered with comfort, quality and security in mind, from the easy to step through low threshold to the internal 28mm glazing for thermal efficiency and security. Each Evolve door features a Yale stainless steel 6 hook bi-directional lock and keep, and anti-lift blocks.

Secure and stylish

Unlike those old-fashioned glass sliding doors, ours offer high levels of security with multiple locking points, and double or triple glazed solutions available.  Our sliding doors look amazing too, with single and dual colour options, plus anodised and powder coating available on our aluminium sliding doors.

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