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Patio Doors by Koncept

  • Looking for easy access out to your patio, decking, garden or courtyard?
  • Want maximum sunshine but minimum heat loss?

Patio doors are an ideal way to blur the lines between your indoor and outdoor spaces. Patio doors come in a whole variety of shapes, designs and mechanisms, but essentially they all do the same thing: allow you to open home up to the fresh air, sunlight and expand your living space.

In the past, double-glazed patio doors came in one variety, full pane sliding doors that stuck, wobbled, leaked air along the frame, and worse, were incredibly insecure. At the height of the double-glazing revolution in the 70s and 80s, many homes had them fitted, and they’ve never been replaced since.

So, we’d like to start another revolution; patio door replacement for the nation! Banish those tired aluminium frames and fogged double-glazing to the recycling centre (yes, they can be recycled). Welcome to a new generation of patio doors that are thermally efficient, open and close with the gentlest of pressures, and are also secured with decent locks.

Types of patio doors

Choose from the style of door that suits you, your family and your lifestyle the best, in your choice of uPVC, timber and aluminium construction.

Folding patio doors

More commonly known as bi-folding doors, these do exactly what their new name suggests. Simply unlock the central section and easily fold the individual door panels back to create an opening that’s practically as wide as the whole door. For more details, see our Bi-fold door page

Sliding patio doors

The classic design, updated for the 21st century with super-smooth glide action, thermally-efficient double or triple glazing, and secure locks your insurance company will definitely approve of. For more details of our Evolve patio door range, see our Sliding Doors page.

French doors

The traditional design of the patio door with two doors opening outwards. Now updated with thermal-efficient glass, warp-free frames and secure locks. See our French doors page for more details.

Passivhaus patio doors

Follow this link for the ultimate in energy efficient and eco-friendly timber patio doors.

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