Secure French Doors
from Koncept

French doors are a timeless, elegant way to let light in and allow easy access outside. However, in the past they had a reputation as being a weak spot in your home security.

Not any more. Today’s French doors are good-looking, secure AND energy efficient too. This winning combination of classic good looks, security and thermal efficiency make new and replacement French doors a natural choice for traditional and heritage homes, as well as new build homes.

What are French doors?

French doors are usually two glazed doors that open in opposite directions. You grasp the handles in the middle and open one door to the left, and the other to the right. So, you can open your room up to fresh air and access your patio during the summer, and allow the natural light to flood into the room in the winter.

Some French doors are a single door design, depending on the space available. French doors are available constructed in uPVC, timber, composite materials, and aluminium.

Traditional and modern
French doors

Traditionally, French doors had lots of individual panes of glass and glazing bars, and were made of wood or metal. They warped, twisted, stuck, and leaked cold air in and warm air out like a sieve.

Today’s versions are usually double-glazed for thermal efficiency, have secure locking systems, and many contemporary designs feature just a single large pane of glass in each door for maximum natural light

Security and strength

Our range of Rockdoor composite French doors are about as secure as you can buy. With a carbon fibre reinforced frame, multi-point locking system and shoot bolts that lock into a sturdy outer frame, these doors will simply be a burglar’s worst nightmare.

Alternatives to
French doors

French doors are one solution to letting the outside inside; here are three other popular choices:

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